SWOLE MFs Sizzurp (With DMHA)

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Product Highlights

  • Featuring Citrulline Malate & AAKG for Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Powered by Beta Alanine & Di-Creatine Malate for Training Power & Endurance
  • High Powered Stim Blend Fueled by Caffeine, B-PEA and DMHA
It’s time to Sip on some Sizzurp and turn up at the gym with Swole MFs Pre-Workout: Sizzurp. A high potency, stim driven powerhouse, Sizzurp harnesses multiple pathways to set you up for workout domination, each and every time you set foot in the gym. Fueled by Citrulline and AAKG for blood flow and pumps, Beta Alanine and DiCreatine Malate for power and training endurance and high potency energy and focus fueled by caffeine, B-PEA, DMHA and Alpha Yohimbe, this product is not for the faint of heart. Dial it up today and get ‘turnt’ with Sizzurp pre-workout.

Key Benefits

  • Intense Energy & Focus Powerhouse
  • Promote Enhanced Training Capacity & Power
  • Promotes Pumps & Blood Flow

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Customer (Richland, US)
Love it

This pre has a very unique formula. There is a nice stim mix along with 150mg of epicatechin. A little underdosed on the Citruline and the BA. The grape is the best tasting grape supplement I have ever tasted. There is a bit of flavor from one of the ingredients that is not well masked though. I bought a bunch of this one.

joseph (El Dorado, US)
a contender

This thing could be one of the top if it hadd just a bit more kick. The epi is great but a little stouter would rock!

Tyler (Onalaska, US)
Good but a little under dosed

Grape flavor was good and you do feel it but it is a little under dosed. Not my 1st option for pre but in the top half

JD (San Antonio, US)
Almost there...

Good pump and stim mix. A little under dosed and they use a prop blend and it has creatine.🙄 glad it was a sample, good product but not for me

JD (San Antonio, US)
Can't complain

I want just try this, being from TX. I got one as a sample and it above average but not for me. It has creatine (I dont like them in pre and they're usually under dosed) also it's got a prop blend on the "stamina focus blend". On the plus side, strong on stims with caffeine and DMHA as the stand out. Glad I got the sample but I wouldn't buy.

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