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Unbound SLYN Glucose Disposal Agent (180 Caps)

Unbound SLYN Glucose Disposal Agent (180 Caps)

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Product Highlights:

  • GlucoVantage for Research Backed Insulin Sensitivity Support
  • Banaba + Na-R-ALA for Improved Blood Glucose Management
  • ChroMax for Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity & Metabolism Support
Designed by the industry veteran and long-standing advocate of full-
transparency, premium quality formulas, Mark Glazier – Unbound SLYN is a
high potency, natural glucose disposal agent designed to help take your
gains to the next level. Aside from testosterone, one of the most powerful
hormones in the body is insulin and using it to your advantage can yield
some of the most dramatic effects on your physique if you do it right. If the
body is sensitive to it and utilizes it efficiently, nutrients are driven into the
muscle cell, eliciting growth and glycogen storage, prime factors for muscle
growth and performance...if the body has low insulin sensitivity, these same
nutrients are instead more likely to be stored as fat and muscle growth
comes to a halt. SLYN is designed to increase insulin sensitivity naturally,
driving those nutrients to your muscle to trigger new growth and support
recovery...and preferentially prevent fat storage. Think of SLYN as the secret
weapon you’ve been waiting for and put your muscles on notice...growth is

Key Benefits:

  • Amplified Carbohydrate Uptake to Muscle Cells
  • Decreased Fat Storage
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake & Utilization
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