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Universal Animal Cuts Powder

Universal Animal Cuts Powder

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Product Highlights:

  • Carnitine Matrix for Enhanced Fatty Acid Mobilization & Utilization
  • Caffeine, Tyrosine & Huperzine for Enhanced Energy & Focus
  • Dandelion & Uva Ursi for Natural Diuresis & Excess Water Shedding
Brands have come and gone, but few have stood the test of time quite like
Animal has. Legendary in many ways, Animal Cuts, the flagship cutting
product has been the go to for competitors and weekend warriors alike and
for good reason. While other thermogenics and ‘fat burners’ promise great,
rapid results, Animal Cuts Powder puts their money where their mouth is in a
no-nonsense formulation designed to enhance fatty acid utilization, elevated
energy and focus and even dealing with that pesky subcutaneous water. The
result? A hardcore, thorough and downright effective fat loss catalyst that
means business and will help you get the job done in shedding that body fat
to reveal the lean beneath. Use what the pros have used for decades...Use
Animal Cuts, and reveal that inner ANIMAL.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Energy & Focus
  • Promotes Fatty Acid Utilization
  • Help Shed Excess Water

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