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USP Labs Jack3d - 45 Servings - Super high-stim Pre-workout

USP Labs Jack3d - 45 Servings - Super high-stim Pre-workout

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It's Backkkkk!!

Jack3d, yes the Jack3d.  The pre-workout that changed the supplement industry over 10 years ago.  If you we're in the gym in 2015, then you knew this pre-workout.  You may even remember hearing about the "Meth-Like" comparisons from people.  We're not into that stuff at Suppz, so we're not going to make any meth comparisons today.

Is it the original?

No, but.... It's close to the original.  The DMAA (1-3) has been replaced with DMHA, which even in 2024, is uncommon and hard to find.  Hi-Tech Pharma took over USP Labs a few years ago and they are the DMHA masters!!  This Pre hits HARD!!

Why buy Jack3d?

Easy answer.  Great value, great energy, great flavors, and trusted company!!

What else?

Fuel your workout with USP Labs Jack3d, the high stim pre-workout that provides intense energy and a great pump. With a DMHA-based formula, you'll experience a great workout like never before. Get ready to crush your fitness goals and take your training to the next level with USP Labs Jack3d!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adam (Eau Claire, US)
Needs the DMAA

Mostly looking for that feeling you got from the original supplement back in the day. This isn’t quite the same supplement after the ban but it still does the trick.

Chandler Rentz (Atlanta, US)
Worked well

I got rocket pop flavor product worked well kept me very focused and pumped throughout my workout only at 1.5 scoops!!

Andrew H (Prescott, US)
not bad

Works but isn't like the same as dmaa

John (Española, US)
Get is while it is still available

I'll start off by saying all the reviews I've seen on YouTube didn't lie, Jack3d is a pre-workout you'll never forget. I purchased two tubs from the get go and ordered another two a couple weeks later. I don't want to go into 2020 without this in my arsenal.

It hits different than any other DMHA pre-workout. Read the label...I'll let you decide what the feeling is.

Two heaping scoops is plenty, but if you need an extra kick in the butt, three scoop it!

The flavor is pretty good as well. As always, thank you Suppz for the fast shipping!

Joe (Kingsport, US)
It's ok

I'm very stim heavy. This 1 at 2 scoops helps. Will not order again but still looking. For the record reign worked the best for me but no longer around

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