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USP Labs

USP Labs Jack3d

USP Labs Jack3d

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Product Highlights

  • 3g Glycine, 2g Glutamine and 1g Tryptophan for Amino Acid Fueled Recovery
  • 3mg Melatonin and 75mg Passionflower for Enhanced Relaxation & Sleep Aid
  • 50mg of AstraGin for Enhanced Formula Absorption
Recovery to be a better version of you doesn’t start when you’re training, when
you’re eating your meals throughout the day or even when you’re taking your post workout starts truly when you lay your head down at night to sleep. Alpha Dreams takes advantage of this critical time period and capitalizes on the key pathways that can optimize your sleep. Designed to promote a more restful nights sleep, enhance relaxation and promote deeper sleep, Alpha Dreams will have you waking up more refreshed and ready to take on your day. Don’t just dream..Alpha Dream.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Deeper More Restful Sleep
  • Enhances The Natural, Nighttime Recovery Process
  • Optimizes Hormone Levels
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