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USP Labs OxyElite Pro 90 Caps

Product Highlights

  • The Legend Lives: The Most Potent Thermogenic In Sports Nutrition
  • Potent Thermogenesis Fueled with Hard Hitting Exothermic Ingredients
  • Potent Energy & Focal Boosting Matrix For Powering Through Diet Plateas
There are names that synergistic with results, and among them OxyElite Pro is one of the highest regarded. Known for years as one of the hardest hitting thermogenics on the market, OxyElite Pro, known fondly as OEP to many has shaped the category of fat burners and is the bar at which others are measured upon. If it doesn’t hit as hard as OxyElite Pro, many won’t even considered to be potent. Driven by the evolving market and a name that has to live up to a legacy, the latest OxyElite Pro will deliver hard hitting results that helps you achieve your fat loss goals as effective as ever.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful Thermogenesis Inducing Matrix
  • Promotes Elevated Mood & Motivation
  • Powerhouse Energy & Focal Enhancement

Customer Reviews

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It works

I will admit to doing very little in the work out department. I use this for the energy boost and appetite suppression with maintaining a decent diet. I've noticed a increase in energy that last me at least 8 hours. I personally do not think I could take this more than once a day (it would feel like too much). It does give a bit of jittery feeling but not overwhelming. Good product. I will purchase again.


very good service!

Great product

Works great

Works great

This not quite like the old one but I have had less of an appetite and lost a few pounds with each day of use... I have not taken it consistently but with continued use... I believe I will get better results!

Legit thermo

Quick shipping, pills give me a good level of energy and appetite suppression. Managed to lose a couple of pounds during the holidays which is great!