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USP Labs

USP Labs Pink Magic (180 Tabs)

USP Labs Pink Magic (180 Tabs)

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Product Highlights

  • 750mg Eucommia Ulmoides for Potent, Lean Mass Gains
  • 375mg TestoSurge for Optimizing Natural Testosterone Levels
  • High Potency, Plant Based Anabolic Compounds
“So Chingon, we had to make it PINK!” So the saying goes when the original Pink
Magic hit the scene over 10 years ago. Little did the world know the legend would
live on all these years alter with the updated legend – USP Labs Pink Magic!
Upgraded using potent phytoandrogens and natural, plant based anabolics like
Eucommia and Laxogenin, the best has only gotten better. With the new, upgraded
formula, you’ll be armed to make gains through multiple pathways – Optimal
natural testosterone levels, enhanced hypertrophy through plant based
phytoandrogens and overall enhanced anabolism...Pink is about to be your favorite

Key Benefits

  • Supports Lean Muscle Growth
  • Maximize Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Amplify Anabolism & Recovery
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