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VMI Sports

VMI Sports ProtoLyte Protein

VMI Sports ProtoLyte Protein

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VMI Sports has introduced cutting edge supplement science to the bodybuilding world – and its no shock that the VMI team has delivered the world’s first cold processed and filtered whey protein isolate with both added electrolytes and powerful enzymes.

The end result is a protein supplement that yields tremendous gains and ultimate recovery. The X factor to rapid recovery after an intense weight training workout is electrolytes. During intense workouts your body is stripped of key electrolytes that can make you irritable, dehydrated, and flat out feeling crummy after an intense workout.

On top of this – many whey protein supplements are hard to digest and cause stomach issues. With the addition of powerful all natural digestive enzymes, you don’t need to worry about this common issue with Protolyte.

VMI Sports Protolyte offers the following benefits:
  • Powerful muscle protein synthesis = non stop gains
  • Maximum post workout recovery and hydration with electrolyte addition
  • Maximum muscle tissue repair post workout leaving you feeling full after a workout

How to take VMI Sports Protolyte Protein:

Protolyte is best consumed as a post workout protein shake or a meal replacement shake for healthy weight management. Consume 1-2 scoops as a post workout shake or meal replacement shake. Mix with 12-16 ounces’ water or milk. You can enjoy up to 4 scoops of protolyte per day for high protein needs.

VMI Sports ProtoLyte Protein

VMI Sports ProtoLyte Protein
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