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American Metabolix

American Metabolix KETO MCT Oil Powder

American Metabolix KETO MCT Oil Powder

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Product Highlights:

  • Powered by C8 & C10 MCT Fatty Acids
  • 1g of Acacia Prebiotic Fiber per Serving
  • Versatile Use for Shakes, Coffee & Baked Keto Treats
One of the biggest allies you’ll have if you choose to do the ketogenic
lifestyle is MCT. They provide a keto friendly source of energy that not only
can enhance cognition but promote enhanced energy for training and
performance. The downside? Traditional MCT oil isn’t always pleasant to
drink, can make a mess and isn’t very portable, not to mention that it can
cause gastric issues in some. American Metabolix MCT powder takes all of
these issues head on by providing a convenient, powder format of MCT that
is portable, mixes easily in water by itself or with other supplements such as
protein or pre-workout and gives you the optimal MCT source (C8 and C10)
that you need.
Unlike other MCT Powder products, American Metabolix MCT powder is free
of maltodextrin and other added fillers and even provides a source of
prebiotic fiber for promoting gut health and doesn’t effect blood sugar...the
perfect solution for your ketogenic dieting needs. Lastly, American Metabolix
MCT powder is slightly sweetened with Stevia for adding a touch of flavor
and making it perfect for use as a standalone or in coffee or even baked

Key Benefits:

  • Potent Source of Fuel During Ketogenic Training
  • Supports Enhanced Mental Cognition and Performance
  • Sustainable Energy & Performance Catalyst
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