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Animal Pak Stick Pack Box

Animal Pak Stick Pack Box

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Product Highlights

  • Complete Performance Complex Designed for Elite Athletes
  • Provides Support for Immune, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Liver Support & General Health
  • Ultra-Convenient On-The-Go Stick Pack Format
Tried and true, Animal Pak is the go-to multivitamin that is meant for hardcore
athletes. Hangin’ and bangin’ since 1983, this die-hard original staple in the sports
nutrition game is a must have for anyone any everyone that takes the iron seriously.
Famed for its comprehensive formula, Animal Pak has a reputation of being the
meanest multi out there. With the introduction of Animal Pak Stick Packs, gone are
the days of swallowing the multiple pills traditionally associated with the Animal
Pak, the main issue barring some from using it as not everyone is game for using
tablets. This convenient, on the go pack is a more innovative way to ‘take your
damn vitamins!’ every day and build the best you that you can build. Rocking a
classic orange flavor, Animal Pak Stick Packs are the way to go.

Key Benefits

  • Support Daily Health
  • High in Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Athlete’s Needs
  • Convenient On-The-Go Formula
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