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Axe N Sledge Supplements

Axe N Sledge Home Made Bar

Axe N Sledge Home Made Bar

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Product Highlights

  • 19g High Quality Protein Per Bar from Whey Isolate/Concentrate, Egg Whites & Bovine Collagen
  • 13g Fats from Peanut Butter, Sunflower Seed & Coconut Oil
  • 22g Carbohydrates from Natural Honey – No Processed Sugars
Most protein bars out there are a cookie cutter formulation of cheap proteins, fats
and low-quality fibers. Not only are they nutritionally mediocre, but they are dry and
have the taste and consistency of cardboard...not good! Axe & Sledge Home Made
Bars are here to shake that up. Not only are they delicious and soft textured, but
they are nutritionally sound, featuring a blend of premium proteins including whey
isolate/concentrate, egg white and bovine collagen. The fats are sourced from
peanut butter, sunflower seed, and coconut oil for an optimal blend of fatty acids
and the carbohydrates are from natural honey. No added processed sugars, no
cheap fibers and no chemical looking ingredients that you cannot pronounce...just
clean, premium ingredients for a bar you can indulge in, feed your muscle and feel
good about. Sometimes you just can’t beat ‘homemade’.

Key Benefits

  • Fuel Lean Mass Gains
  • Digestive Friendly; Non-Bloating
  • Fuel Training & Recovery
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