BlackMarket Labs / American Metabolix Havok X Stim (REDUCED PRICE)

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Product Highlights

  • Features the Pump Matrix of Havok & the Energy of STIM
  • Comprehensive Formula Featuring Ultra Potent Ingredients
  • Delicious, meticulously crafted flavors
From the minds of American Metabolix and Black Market Labs comes the innovative smash up of Havok STIM. Created to bring the best of both worlds, Havok Stim delivers the skin splitting pumps and endurance components of Havok with the hard-hitting and laser sharp focus inducing energy matrix of STIM. With this creative
combo, you’ll get the comprehensive combo to fuel intense training, induce
maximum pumps and not only give you the feeling that you can run through a wall,
but the performance boost to actually smash it down. Peanut butter and jelly, milk
and cookies, Jack and Coke...all are iconic combos and now there is Havok STIM.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Skin Splitting Pumps
  • Elevate Training Endurance & Maximize Strength Output
  • Amplify Energy & Focus

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
joseph (El Dorado, US)
double down

One well balanced pwo here..great energy with no jitters. Pumps are ok

Pablo (Irvine, US)
Good try...

The ingredients list is great but it feels like it just doesn’t deliver as good as other preworkouts

Bret (East McKeesport, US)
Great product

Definitely gave me focus and was ready to pound the weight

Zachary P (Chicago, US)
Good energy

Got it on sale. Wouldn’t pay full price. Good energy. Focus wasn’t there.

Dominic Schuch (Hampshire, US)
It’s ok

It’s ok. Not as good as I thought it was gonna be. Took one and half scoops and felt it a little bit

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