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Product Highlights

  • Ultra fast absorption
  • Lean muscle growth
  • Rapid muscle recovery
  • 100% whey protein isolates and hydrolysates
  • 120 calories/serving
  • Zero Fillers
  • 1g fat/2g carbs/1g sugar per serving
  • 5g Naturally occurring BCAA/serving

Since their launch in 2009, BPI has quickly grown bigger and badder by the year. Never one to rest on their laurels or wait for creating ‘just another product’, BPI ISO HD is the latest high quality product to hit the market for their loyal fans.

Powered by 100% whey isolate and hydrolysates, BPI ISO HD is designed for quick and complete absorption to fuel protein synthesis, recovery and muscle growth. It gives you all the protein you want without the stuff you don’t like extra carbs and fats. Furthermore, it’s ultra low in lactose and doesn’t have the fillers that the ‘other’ guys have.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate

  • Predigested whey protein; long chains of amino acids have been broken down into single amino acids
  • Replicates process of aminos being broken down in body; pre-digestion leads to faster absorption
  • One downside like isolate is less whole food benefits for immune system and antioxidant support compared to whey concentrate

Whey Protein Isolate

  • Isolated protein fraction from whey protein concentrate
  • Provides 90 percent or more of protein per gram
  • One downside is further processing means less whole food benefits for immune system and antioxidant support compared to whey concentrate

Manufacturer’s Directions:

Mix one scoop of ISO HD™ with 5-6 ounces of cold water and drink immediately after workout or strenuous activity. May also be taken anytime to promote recovery and help build strong muscles. For optimal results, use in conjunction with a proper diet and always consult with a physician prior to beginning a training regimen.

ISO-HD is Chromadex Verified, so you know it contains exactly what it states on the label.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ashley (Crowley, US)

made a sweet treat with this

ZH (Bradley, US)

Great product even better price

Latoria (Richlands, US)
Good the the money

I bought this product on the BOGO. Got the Chocolate Brownie... Flavor is good, My husband tried it for 3 weeks he loved the taste and doing its job other than stomach issues bloating and gas. So he has had to quit drinking it for a little while. And, I love it as well I hadn't had any issues. Mixed well I put mine in a blender and blend make into a smoothie drink. We both use water except he mixes his in his shaker. Will buy again and couldn't beat the price to.

Levi G (Fond du Lac, US)
Good for the $$$

Overall good taste. Good nutrition. Mixes a little thick though finding it not all shaking in. Would buy again if another good sale.

David Salcido (Saint Paul, US)
Awesome protein

Great tasting, good for muscle gain, relatively low in calories, mixes well and very affordable! I highly recommend this to everyone.

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