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Cellucor Super HD Fire

Cellucor Super HD Fire

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Incinerate fat with Cellcor’s new Super-HD Fire!

Cellucor release of Super-HD Fire brings about a new and improved formula to the popular fat burner Super-HD. Super-HD Fire is designed to ignite the hottest of fire and keep it burning all throughout the day and even overnight.

This is a unique two stage weight-loss supplement designed to be taken in the morning and afternoon. Your morning and afternoon servings are formulated different for the time of day and what your body will best respond to at those times. With Super-HD Fire you’re getting ingredients designed to target fat loss, increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and optimize your performance and daily activity.

Morning vs Afternoon Doses

Start your morning with a boost in energy and igniting the fat burning process with thermogenesis. Combination of Caffeine, Capsimax, and ZumXR will give you high and sustained energy levels and increase body heat and thermogenic levels. Sensoril was also added to help relieve stress levels.

Your afternoon dose will focus on boosting your cognitive performance with Huperzine A and Bacopa Monnieri, and continue keeping you in a thermogenic state. Dyglofit was also added to help boost multifunctional weight loss properties.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for all day fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Energy and mood enhancement
  • Stress relief
  • Improved cognitive function

Super HD Fire Supplement Facts

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