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Cytosport Monster Amino features a 6:1:1 BCAA ratio. This mean that Leucine (also known as the anabolic trigger due to it's ability assist in muscle protein synthesis) is present in higher amounts than other BCAA's. While the optimal BCAA ratio is unknown, this ratio does mean that you are getting more of this all important amino acid. In addition, Monster Amino features a whopping 6g of BCAA's per serving! Most amino acid products contain 5g or less. But Monster Amino is not just another BCAA product. The ingredient label shows an additional 1g of Citrulline to enhance blood flow, and 18 total amino acids in it's profile.

Monster Amino Highlights

  • PepForm® Leucine Enriched Whey Peptides
  • More Leucine (anabolic trigger) than other amino acid products with 6:1:1 ratio
  • Includes Citrulline for enhanced blood flow
  • 18 total amino acids in it's profile
  • Gluten Free

Cytosport Monster Amino Supplement Facts

cytosport monster amino supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nathan Moonen
Good ratio...good taste!

Very happy with the product. Love the grape!!

It's ok

This product isn't the worst I've had but it isn't exactly the best either. The taste is a little chalky but no real aftertaste.

Solid product

Ok before I give my two sense, I will explain who I am. I have 4 sports science certifications through the ISSA and in addition a CEU in BCAAs. I am getting a degrees in exercise science. I also do amateur bodybuilding competitions. This is a good solid product with the science that checks out. I will say that the Muscletech Performance series aminos may rival these, but for this price one can't go wrong. I will also say that I do NOT buy supplements for taste, but these do happen to be pretty delicious. I have had all flavors. Thanks guys! Hope I helped.

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