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Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson


  • Maximum Potency Condensed Pre-Workout
  • Scientifically Backed Key Ingredients
  • High Power Energy & Focus Components
  • Nootropic, Pump & Performance Oriented

In an age of the overdone concept of the “condensed” pre-workout, so many products can be cast aside with the same “me too” category label. The novelty of throwing together random ingredients for fitting into the category has been played out and the consumer has had enough of the thoughtless process of putting items together for label appeal.

Enter Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson. Formulated to force you to rethink what you thought you knew about pre-workout concentrates, DVST8 Crimson has arrived with a bang. Now, just because you hear the word “condensed” pre-workout, don’t think that the ingredients were skimped when it came to dosing. It is jam packed with scientifically backed cell volumization ingredients, nootropics and high powered energy components to power you through workouts like never before.

With Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Crimson, consider your workouts to be on “red alert”, because there’s a new pre-workout in town.

Citrulline Malate
• Precursor of L-arginine; Increases blood flow and circulation
• Potent vasodilating effects for increased blood circulation and delivery of key nutrients to skeletal muscle
• Accelerates ATP production translating to increased power and endurance

Trimethylglycine (Betaine Anhydrous)
• Methyl donor; converts homocysteine to l-methionine - precursor to creatine
• Osmolyte; protects proteins, cells and enzymes from heat, dehydration
• Shown to increase strength, endurance and training volume
• Lowers blood lactate levels and stimulates protein synthesis
• Plays a role in hepatic fat metabolism
• Supports healthy nitric oxide levels

• Amino acid with positive benefits on circulatory system
• Shown to increase cognitive performance
• Helps regulate core body temperature and may help reduce heat related issues
• Acts as cell volumizer by drawing water into muscle cells
• Predominantly stored in muscles, brain and heart tissue
• May dramatically reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

Choline Bitartrate
• Precursor to many neurotransmitters that are crucial for overall cognitive functions
• Improve focus, cognition and memory

Beet Root Powder
Derived naturally from beets
• Contains a naturally high nitrate content
• Improves blood flow, circulation and promotes proper fluid levels within body

2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA)
New age stimulant known more commonly as DMHA
• Classified as ‘psychostimulant’ and known to be the DMAA replacement
• Shown to have roughly 90% the strength of DMAA
• Enhances mental focus and cognition
• Shown to elevate dopamine and norepinephrine

Citrus Aurantium Extract
• Also known as bitter orange extract
• Known as a safe alternative to ephedra
• Helps facilitate utilization of energy substrates
• Helps stimulate metabolic processes and favors uptake of amino acids into muscle
• May help suppress appetite
• Stimulates fat loss and energy expenditure
• Doesn’t increase heart rate or blood pressure

• Pro andrenergic stimulant
• Releases potent pre-exercise neurotransmitters in the body
• Increases energy expenditure; functions as noradrenaline reuptake modulator

Huperzine A
• Cognitive enhancer that inhibits acetylcholinesterase
• Shown to be useful in combating cognitive decline associated with aging

Caffeine Anhydrous
• Potent CNS stimulant that antagonizes adenosine receptors
• Enhances mental focus and energy
• Increase cognition and reaction time
• Contributes to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduces fat storage

Dicaffeine Malate
• Combination of caffeine and malic acid
• Yields ~75% caffeine by volume compared to anhydrous
• Provides smoother, sustained stimulatory effect

Manufacturer’s Directions:

To assess tolerance, mix 1 heaping scoop (11.5g) with 6-8oz 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. Do not take too late in the day as it may disrupt sleep patterns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Great Preworkout! Great value

So I have always viewed this as a 2 scoop preworkout but recently I purchased the buy 1 get 1 deal from Suppz. I have since been using just once scoop and it’s been doing very well as far as pumps and focus. I get pretty solid forearm pumps from this which I’m not used to but I love. All in all Dvst8 has unbelievable flavors. I have the raspberry and pineapple and they’re both not like overly deathly sweet. I also don’t burp up flavor through the workout which is nice. I will buy again.

Great product.

Good energy through workouts, no crash, okay stim. Would recoomend

Next Level Vibes

Snagged this bad boy as a last resort to save my workouts. I'm usually propelled like a barracuda in the warm, crisp waters of the Pacific through coffee and pure grit alone, but some days I need the added boost of ye olde' pre workout. Like a newborn fawn I wobbled into the forest of DVST8 Crimson for the first time - and I emerged fully grown, 20-point buck. I stretched for a few minutes like a good lifter and slowly felt the ambiguous (and probably concerning) ingredients flow through my veins. I struggle to remember what happened in the following 60 minutes because I was seized by DVST8 Crimson - I am almost certain that at one point I was no longer in control, and like a good friend, asked the preworkout what we should do that day. Now fully on board with this symbiotic relationship I proceeded to rep out lat pulldowns, DB rows, and battle ropes like a battle-worn sailor. I corrected the form of 12 different gym goers, inspired a man to lift 50+ lbs over his previous PB, and was as finely tuned to the weights as a master violist is to his instrument. As the DVST8 Crimson began to wear off I said my goodbye and promised to see him (maybe it was her?) again soon. I received a standing ovation from the gym and was made unofficial "Supreme Gym Leader." Yeah 10/10 would recommend

The ultimate

First, and most importantly, the product was promptly shipped and in received in perfect condition. As for the efficacy of the product, dvst8 has one of the most impressive formulas I have ever encountered. I would go so far as to say that it blows most of the products containing DMAA out of the water. It comes on quickly and lasts for several hours; even after you have expended all of your energy, you’ll still feel stimulated for the rest of your day. I advise starting with a smaller dose to assess sensitivity - like I said, this formula is extremely potent. Enjoy!!!!


I'm a gym rat addicted to pre-workouts and this one does the job! It gives you the chills! Great energy and way less resting pause.