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EPIQ Creatine X5 is a blend of 5 different types of Creatine along with a Testosterone booster and Creatine uptake enhancement. EPIQ Creatine is not just another Creatine product, and contains a fulll on performance enhancing matrix.

Product Highlights

  • Industry top 5 Creatine Compounds
  • Enhanced uptake of Creatine without spiking insulin
  • Boosts Testosterone

Ingredient Breakdown

Epiq Creatine X5 Blend

Creatine is perhaps the most studied and proven effective supplement on the market. Creatine works by saturating your muscle cells (with continued use) and is converted to ATP (your body's energy source) during periods of intense activity such as weight lifting or sprinting. Supplementing with Creatine has many benefits including improved athletic performance and an increase in lean muscle. Creatine is 100% safe and occurs naturally in red meat such as beef or salmon.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract has been shown to naturally increase your body's production of Testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for building muscle and can improve your mood, energy, and libido.

Russian Tarragon Extract

Supplementation of Russian Tarragon alongside Creatine has been shown to enhance the uptake of Creatine.

EPIQ Creatine Supplement Facts

epiq creatine

Customer Reviews

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Epiq Creatine Review

Amount of creatine per serving seems a little low at 1.75 grams. Thankfully, the creatine uptake blend is in there to help. Taste is pretty rough, but easy to consume in one quick shot.

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