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MAN Sports Game Day

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MAN Sports Game Day has been reformulated and is better than ever! Supercharged by 2-amino-6-methylheptane, this pre-workout is the real deal. No other non-DMAA pre-workout comes close to the energy and focus you will get from Game Day. Besides energy, glycerol monstearate and GlycoCarn headline a powerful nitric oxide blend to give you some impressive pumps. To top it off the candy based flavoring system that MAN Sports has become known for makes this a tasty drink that you will look forward to. Sour Batch, Dorks, and Blue Bombsicle highlight these amazing flavors that are sure to delight. Supercharge your workout with Game Day!

Game Day Headliner Ingredients

2-amino-6-methylheptane (DMHA)
    - This is the latest in the line of high potency stimulants, and an ingredient that has received much praise for it’s energy boosting properties. Considered the worthy successor of DMAA, 2-amino is a source of high powered, clean energy sure to bring your workouts to a new level and have you performing at peak levels even on days when you are most tired. The energy from 2-amino is not as overwhelming as stimulants such as caffeine or DMAA and is long lasting without a noticeable crash.
Glycerol Monostearate
    - Glycerol is becoming very widely used in the supplement industry for it’s hydration and nitric oxide boosting properties. Glycerol mono is the highest dosed ingredient in the 2,635mg N.O. blend and complements the other ingredients in this blend very well.
GlycoCarn (GPLC)
    - This ingredient is another N.O. booster and is a carry-over from the original Game Day pre-workout. The second highest dosed N.O. ingredient, GlycoCarn is a worthy addition to the formula.
PF5 Serum Protein Concentrate
    - The successor to PF3, this ingredient is a serum protein concentrate that is said to mimic the effects of protein at a much lower dose. The original PF3 was taken out of supplements to be used in pharmaceuticals to help treat cancer patients, so PF5 should not disappoint.

What’s Not In Game Day?

This deserves a section all to it’s own. Game Day contains no artificial colors or dyes, so it’s a cleaner blend than most pre-workouts. Also not included is creatine. The inclusion of creatine in pre-workouts is unnecessary. Most times it is so underdosed as to not even be a consideration, while other times it is included in a full 5g dose to up the scoop size while also upping the price making you pay extra for a cheap ingredient. Kudos to MAN for not including creatine, which gives you a chance to pick up some cheap creatine monohydrate and dose it effectively. Also not included is beta-alanine. While beta alanine has tremendous benefits including improved intra workout strength and endurance, many people do not like the beta tingles associated with it. For those who are beta-alanine fans, you can pick this up cheaply as an individual ingredient and dose it appropriately.

Stack With Pump Powder

Game Day as a stand-alone pre-workout will give you intense energy and focus like you have never seen, as well as good pumps from it’s well-dosed nitric oxide blend. However for the ultimate MAN Sports workout experience Suppz recommends stacking this product with Pump Powder. Pump Powder is an excellent N.O. booster which will really take your pump and blood flow to the next level when combined with Game Day. No other pre-workout product combination on the market compares to this stack and is sure to please anyone who tries it. Besides making you feel indestructible, a good pump also traps nutrient rich blood in your muscles, assisting with muscle growth.

How To Take MAN Sports Game Day

Due to the intense flavor, Suppz recommends mixing this pre-workout with plenty of water. MAN Sports recommends mixing 8oz of water per 1 scoop. Mixing with less water may result in a flavor too intense for some users. Assess tolerance by taking ½ scoop 20 minutes prior to workout. You may up the dosage to a max amount of 2 scoops per day if required. Do not exceed max recommended dosage.

micro batch quality

MAN Sports Game Day Supplement Facts

MAN Sports Game Day V2 Supplement Facts

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amazing great energy

i felt very euphoric, amazing energy i stacked it with man pump amazing combo