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Granite Supplements Speed Force is a dual threat supplements that acts as both an effective pre workout and fat burner. Combining the high energy effects of a pre workout with the fat burning metabolic effects of a fat burner, turn your body into a furnace in the gym and burn the fat right off.

Speed Force was designed for those athletes and physique development motivated that want to make the best use of a multi-purpose supplement to reach goals. Effective in boosting performance, energy, and mental focus in the gym, Speed Force will have your body ready to go at any time. Paired with the ability to speed up your metabolism to burn more calories and drop fat in those stubborn areas. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Pre workout: The mix of caffeine, TeaCrine, and beta alanine are among the most common, popular, and effective ingredients in pre workouts that allow you to push through workouts.

Fat burning: Grains of Paradise boosts the metabolism to promote more energy expenditure and fat burning through thermogenesis. Grains of Paradise is known to burn the brown fat tissue to transform your body.

Keeping it working: Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that keeps the body receptive to the ingredients in Speed Force allowing it to be as effective on day 30 as it was on day 1.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-purpose supplement: pre workout and fat burner
  • High and long lasting energy
  • Boost thermogenesis to increase fat burning
  • Ashwagandha to continue keeping it working for you

Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Teet’s FITNESS (Riverview, US)
Clean mental madness!

One of the cleanest supplements I've ever used. Clean fresh taste, the alligator pepper gives a nice spicyness. I look forward to drinking this everyday when I wake up. Great focus immediately after I take it. No bloating, no jitter. The only con is the theacrine, pretty. Strong taste as it separates twords the back end of drinking. It.

Paul DeCesare (Hamden, US)

I am really liking this pre workout a lot! No jitters. But, be careful on coffee conscription prior to taking.

DAN (Atlanta, US)

Tastes good. Feel a good thermogenic effect.

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