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Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Of The Union

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Of The Union

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Product Description:


Since Inspired’s rise to fame by revolutionizing the Pre-Workout category, we have seen innovation after innovation from this brand. Beginning with DVST8 White Cut, Inspired created the mold for “all-inclusive” pre-workout supplements that were loaded in EVERY way. These guys haven’t released one product that lagged in a single category. Every DVST8 product has promised, and brought to fruition both immense energy, and insane pumps. DVST8 Of The Union is no different, and is probably the loudest statement made by the company to date.


Similar to the DVST8 versions before it, Inspired is bringing forth all clinical dosages in the Pump category. L-Citrulline: everyone’s favorite workhorse in this category, is maxed out at a solid 4,000MG, while the most popular NEW Pump inducer GlycerPump also comes in at a loaded 2,000MG. Other components of this formula will contribute to a greater pump as well, although the multi-purposed nature of this formula has them listed in other categories.


A skin splitting pump is sure to fill your muscle bellies with just one scoop of DVST8 OTU- but this is far from all it offers. Your endurance in the gym, and ability to maintain ATP in strenuous training situations are equally as important. Inspired maxes out the suggested dose for Beta Alanine at 3,200MG- something that will for sure make this product a crowd pleasure amongst dosage police, however, they did not stop here. Introducing the R3 TONIC: a combination of legacy ingredients, fermented glutamine, and epicatechin. Epicatechin is something we rarely find in Pre-Workout supplements due to its expensive nature, and fermented Glutamine in a pre-workout may be an industry first! The thought process here is that recovery begins with having the proper nutrition going into your training session! You cannot go to war without thy sword!


We are all living in a simulation.. The only difference is, those who choose DVST8 before the gym: take control. Hold the very fiber of your mentality in the palm of your hand, and turn your ambition and aggression to the max with DVST8’s Stimulated Reality matrix. This is where the experience of downloading raw power into your brains storage drive becomes what will propel you ahead of your enemies. This is the actual cheat code: to life. Boasting efficacious dosages of the most powerful nootropics and stimulants on the market, this section of the label quickly lets you know what this is a STRONG product, with the potential to open your mind beyond the normal confines of the supplement industry. This is where you rewrite the code to your anabolic makeup. This is where we transcend. This is where we DVST8… The union.

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