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Cutler Nutrition

Cutler Nutrition Legend Pro

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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
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Legend Pro is a pre workout from the Cutler Nutrition line by Jay Cutler. Jay is a legendary bodybuilder and 4x Mr. Olypia. Legend Pro contains a blend of nootropics (focus enhancers), stimulants, and pump/blood flow ingredients. If intense focus and super energy is what you are looking for, then this is the pre workout for you. Just one scoop of Legend Pro will take your workout to a new level. Go longer and stronger and get that intense mind-muscle connection with Legend Pro.

Customer Reviews

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Not recommend

I have taken a lot of pre workouts but this one is one of the worst I have had. It gives me the cold sweats after every workout and my body doesn’t know if I’m cold or hot.

I salivate perfusly for most of the lift. I don’t know what went wrong with this pre workout but I would not recommend it.

I love it! Will purchase it again!

Works for me and I love the pump that I get

Hard pass

I'm a caffeine junky and have tried A LOT of preworkouts, but something in this supplement really messed with me. I took one scoop of this preworkout and started sweating shortly thereafter. Not a little bit, but absolutely dripping and soaking through my clothes sweating. Then my stomach got upset. This may be a good supplement for some people, but I felt too sick to even make it to the gym. I'd give it less than 1 star if possible.

Legend Pro Review

I've bought plenty of preworkouts in the past and have bought the other preworkout Culter that came out with years ago and loved it. So I figured, "why not try the new stuff"? Gotta say this is some wild stuff. You WILL sweat like crazy for the first few days while taking it. It's no joke, sweat in the most uncomfortable areas anywhere you can imagine! But holy crap this stuff is intense! The pump is by far the best I've experienced. Generally the pump doesn't go away for a day or two. And even after the pump subsides, the muscle still feels big. Gives great focus and drive when working out.

The first few days are rough, stick with it though, it's worth it