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LG Sciences

LG Sciences Battle Hardener Kit

LG Sciences Battle Hardener Kit

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Gain Lean Hard Muscle Mass

The LG Battle Hardner kit is a prohormone stack that will make you gain lean, hard muscle mass. All three compounds included cause minimal water retention and are anabolic in nature. Each formula also contains the revoutionary epicatechin, a phenol and flavenol found in dark chocolate with benefits to general health and muscle growth.

What's Included?

  • pBold - Boldenone precursor which has anabolic properties, decrease inflammation, increase appetite, and ease the joints.
  • 17-Proandro - Stanolone precursor. Reduce fat mass with minimal side effects.
  • Form-XT - Aromatase inhibitor. Reduces conversion to estrogen which minimizes estrogen related side effects and water retention. PCT which helps aid recovery and boost natural hormone production.

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