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Muscletech Black Onyx Shatter Pumped 8

Muscletech Black Onyx Shatter Pumped 8

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Product Highlights

  • 4g Citrulline and 1g VasoShock for Maximum Muscle Pumps

  • 100mg Spectra and 150mg VasoDriveAP for Multi-Pathway Nitrix Oxide Support

  • Stimulant-Free for Maximum Versatility in Use


Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying that getting a sick pump at the gym. Engorged muscle, full veins and a feeling that couldn’t possibly squeeze more nutrients and blood into your muscle is a feeling that few things can top and most of the time that is delivered by a pre-workout. The downside is many times these same products also have stimulants in therm. While in many cases this is a very beneficial inclusion, if you’re training later at night or just don’t desire stimulants, you are left at a crossroads. MuscleTech Black Onyx Shatter Pumped is formulated just for this reason.


Stuffed with ingredients that support vasodilation, nitric oxide production, anti-oxidant support and training endurance, Black Onyx Shatter Pumped will deliver all you can handle in terms of a pump, all without additional stimulants. Perfect for night-time training of those that just prefer to not use stimulants before their training, this is the ultimate answer to the pre-workout pump riddle.


Key Benefits

  • Maximum Muscle Pumps

  • Enhanced Blood Flow & Nutrient Deliver

  • Stimulant-Free Formula

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