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NutraBio L-Theanine (Caps & Powder)


L-Theanine is a nondietary amino acid derived primarily from the natural source of Camellia sinesis. Theanine is a relaxation/anxiolytic ingredient that is commonly paired with caffeine to smooth the effect and decrease jitters. Theanine is said to be synergistic with Caffeine thereby improving the effect. Generally, it is taken in a dose of 2x the caffeine dosage paired with it. Theanine can also be taken solo to help with relaxation and sleep.

Directions For Use

With Caffeine

Take 100mg caffeine with 200mg Theanine for a mild nootropic/focus effect.

Stand Alone

Consume 100mg-200mg as needed for relaxation benefits.

Supplement Facts (Caps)

theanine caps suppfacts

Supplement Facts (Powder)

theanine powder suppfacts