PES TruMulti Mens Formula (90 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Athlete Centric Vitamin & Mineral Formulation

  • Featuring KSM66® Super Ashwagandha

  • Zero Tablets – Capsules for Optimal Absorption

While there are tons of multivitamins out there, the problem is that most of them are the exact same product…and while that may make it easy to pick one that seems to have everything you need, the problem is that they all have the SAME ISSUES. Rather than being tailored for an athlete’s needs, most are just a random blend of all the vitamins and minerals they could think of and tossed together in a mega dosed tablet. This is problematic on many levels as certain vitamins have absorption thresholds so too much can be counterproductive and the other issue is that some minerals compete for absorption so having them all in the same formula has them work against one another. Lastly that classic tablet format can make the product hard to break down in the body, making absorption difficult as well.

TruMulti from PEScience fixes this issue using a capsule delivery method for ensuring that it can be broken down and absorbed and precise, research supported amounts of all the key vitamins and minerals for a targeted approach. Last but not least, you’ll get the benefits of healthy stress relief and adaptogen support with the pantented KSM66® ashwagandha. Don’t just use any multivitamin, get one that is tailored to your performance goals!

Key Benefits

  • Optimal Vitamin & Mineral Dosing

  • Easy to Absorb Capsule Format

  • 3 Capsule/day serving size

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