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Purus Labs Muscle Marinade


Purus Labs Muscle Marinade

Purus Labs brings back one of its most popular products from the past Muscle Marinade. Purus Labs brought it back and it’s better than ever! Fully disclosed all-in-one pre workout that packs everything you need going into a workout into one scoop. Get skin tightening pumps, long lasting energy, and sustained focus. Not only that, but you get a full dose of daily creatine. If you forgot your pre workout meal, don’t worry because Muscle Marinade also contains 5g of BCAA’s to ensure you’re not just breaking down tissue.

Product Highlights

  • Fully disclosed label
  • Over 20g of actives per scoop
  • No artificial flavors, fillers, or dyes
  • Contains VASODrive-AP® which will give you a new level of pumps
  • VitaShure® to support sustained energy release for long lasting workouts
  • 3g of NOOTROPICS for high quality mental focus
  • 5g BCAA’s, 5g creatine

Muscle Marinade Supplement Facts

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