Scivation Xtend Go BCAAs (30 Servings)

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Product Highlights

  • Support Muscle Growth & Recovery
  • Supports Energy & Fat Loss
  • Replenishes Electrolytes
  • 7g BCAA per serving
  • 0g Carbs
  • 0g Sugar

Scivation Xtend Go takes the heart and soul of the BCAA product that defined the amino acid category from the beginning and makes it even better. Formulated for intra-workout use and for optimizing pre and post workout recovery as well, Scivation Xtend Go is the must have supplement for focus, recovery and performance.

Containing the clinically backed 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA along with Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and hydration-promoting electrolytes, Scivation Xtend Go is the delicious, refreshing, sugar-free way to help anyone grind through a tough morning, a brutal workday, or a grueling gym session. Building on the tried and true formula, Xtend Go has added Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Sceletium tortuosum for productive intensity, pinpoint focus, and constructive energy…all without the agitation and crash of a typical pre-workout.

BCAA Blend:

    • L-Leucine: The most anabolic of the BCAA – Stimulates insulin release and promotes anabolism • L-Isoleucine: Increases glucose uptake in cells via GLUT-4; Works synergistically with leucine • L-Valine: Competes with tryptophan in the brain; Offsets sensations of fatigue


  • Precursor of L-arginine; Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Citrulline bonded with malic acid
  • Potent vasodilating effects for increased blood circulation and delivery of key nutrients to skeletal muscle
  • Accelerates ATP production translating to increased power and endurance


  • The most abundant single amino acid in the blood and in the muscle tissue
  • Shown to replenish energy for muscle glycogen following exhaustive exercise
  • Increases cell volumization and aids in hypertrophy
  • May reduce protein breakdown & support immune function
  • Supports immune health and digestive/gut function


  • Potent CNS stimulant that antagonizes adenosine receptors
  • Enhances mental focus and energy
  • Increase cognition and reaction time
  • Contributes to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduces fat storage


  • Common component of tea leaves
  • Relaxing and non-dietary amino acid
  • Promotes relaxation without sedation
  • Shown to reduce stress and anxiety

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract

  • Herb used in traditional medicine as a stress and anxiety-reducing compound
  • Shown to improve mood and increase energy
  • Acts as a selective PDE-4 inhibitor as well as a 5-HT reuptake inhibitor; effective in reducing anxiety and depression
  • Can enhance the executive function and cognitive flexibility of the brain

Manufacturer’s Directions:

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop per 8-10 oz. of water. Shake well and consume during exercise on training days. Also use in the morning or any time an extra boost is needed. Do not exceed 3 scoops per day.

Supplement Facts

supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jordan Kluewer (Mayville, US)
Great energy boost with BCAA

I like it because it gives you just enough energy boost to get through the day along with the necessary BCAAs to keep building that lean muscle tissue.

Desiree Hendrickson
Xtend BCAA's will always be my favorite

Xtend BCAA blend is the perfect intra-workout/post-workout drink. The ratio of this blend and taste truly make this product the best. The mix blends so easily and does not taste overly processed or fake at all! This blend has been my favorite for awhile, always have it in my stack!

Xtine Anne
These are my go-to BCAA's

There's a reason they've been on the market so long - they're just that dang good. Xtend has been my go-to BCAA for pre-intra-post workout forever. Great taste, great ratios, no after taste or fake sweetener taste. Thirst quenching. Can't go wrong with any of the flavors - trust me - I've tried them all!

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