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USN CLA Pure 1000

USN CLA Pure 1000

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USN CLA Pure 1000 is the perfect addition when you’re looking to cut down and look your best. CLA Pure 1000 is a stimulate free fat loss aid. Supports weight loss and healthy body composition. CLA has been shown to assist in the increase of lean muscle mass when combined with an appropriate training program and healthy diet.

CLA will promote an accelerated metabolism and decreases insulin resistance which is very important in the cutting process. Insulin resistance causes our bodies to use more nutrients for bodyfat. Insulin sensitivity shuttles nutrients into our muscles for energy. CLA Pure 1000 is great to stack with other stimulant and thermogenic fat burners and have a synergistic effect to work better and more effective when combined.

Product Highlights:

  • Pure conjugated linoleic acid
  • Supports weight loss and healthy body composition
  • Stimulant free fat loss
  • Promotes an accelerated metabolism
  • Diminishes insulin resistance for weight control

USN CLA Pure 100 Supplement Facts

USN CLA Pure 100 Supplement Facts
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