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USN Pure BCAA is a 2:1:1 Branched Chain Amino Acid product formulated with the three essential BCAA’s leucine, isoleucine, and valine which will stimulate muscle protein synthesis to provide better performance, better recovery, and more growth.

BCAA supplements have become very popular for being taken during workouts or between meals to aid in multiple processes. Namely recovery. USB Pure BCAA are tabs that can be easily taken any time of day. Don’t worry about needing to mix up a powder in a shaker bottle or the possible bitter taste.

Very easy and cost effective supplement to add to your stack to boost your endurance, stamina, energy, recovery, and even growth with the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.

Product Highlights:

  • 2:1:1 Branch Chain Amino Acids
  • 500mg BCAAs per serving
  • Stimulate new muscle growth
  • Stimulate protein synthesis
  • Energy and stamina boost
  • Improved recovery

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Leucine - promote exercise performance and recovery, amongst others, especially when taken at high dosages
  • Valine and Isoleucine - constituents of most proteins and needed for muscle metabolism and repair. Isoleucine also provides energy within the muscle tissue and can help increase endurance. Isoleucine and Valine enhance the absorption of Leucine. USN’s Pure BCAA contains 5000mg Branched Chain Amino Acids per serving in a 2:1:1 ratio, the optimal BCAA ratio for muscle protein synthesis: an indispensable part of serious training.

USN Pure BCAA Supplement Facts

 USN Pure BCAA Supplement Facts

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