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TeaCrine is the world's first IP-Protected, branded, and "nature-identical" source of theacrine. This patent-pending purine alkaloid is found naturally in the leaves of the legendary Chinese Cammellia Assamica Var, Kucha Tea, and in the fruit of Brazilian Cupuacu plant. TeaCrine is being heralded as "beyond caffeine" and "clean energy that moves you and does not relent" by early users and has garnered notable excitement in the industry. The thermogenic category has been stagnant and lacking ingenuity for quite some time. Purus Labs, adhering to their commitment of producting scientifically validated formulas, set out to develop and introduce a truly effective thermogenic that would address the weight loss concerns of som 51% of Americans.

Benefits of TheaTrim
  • Increase energy and endurance through physiological excitation.
  • Blunt appetite via anorectic effects.
  • Increase thermogenic rate, liberating fat cells to be burned as fuel.
  • Improve overall sense of well being through dopaminergic pathways.

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    Great Fat Loss/ Brain Booster-Focus-Concentration/ Energy product

    One of the better Thermos/Fat Burners I've used in a long time. Also, for the cost (very reasonable), will be very tough to beat. Great focus and ability to concentrate not only in training, but in school and work. Controlled my cravings, improved mood, steady lift in energy and no real crash that i've noticed. Almost like a very smooth and subtle landing. Has not affected my sleep, like most other thermos i've used.