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SWOLE MFs Some Type of Whey

SWOLE MFs Some Type of Whey

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Product Highlights

  • Featuring 24g of Premium Whey Protein/serving
  • Powerful Whey Blend Including High Grade Isolate, Concentrate & Peptides
  • Featuring Lactose for Optimal Digestion
When it comes to muscle growth and optimal recovery, whey protein is the ‘gold
standard’ for getting the job done. Swole MFs Some Type of Whey is a premium
choice that harnesses the power of premium whey protein isolate, whey
concentrates and predigested whey peptides into a potent 24g/serving punch of
protein. Perfect for after training, before training or between meals to hit your
protein numbers, Some Type of Whey is a delicious and versatile way of getting in
your WHEY for the day.

Key Benefits

  • Promote Muscle Recovery and Growth
  • Promote Maximum Protein Synthesis
  • High Quality, Easily Digestible Protein Source
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