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Universal Animal MEAL

Universal Animal MEAL

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Product Highlights

  • Complete, balanced, on-the-go nutrition for active individuals
  • Utilizes Whole Food nutrition sources for complete and balanced nutrition
  • 1:1:1 Ratio of Protein/Carbohydrates/Fats

From the mind of the most famous “Animal” Evan Centoppani, comes Animal Meal. Formulated in the gym to be the answer for a whole food, on the go nutrition that suits the needs of the most competitive athletes on the planet, Animal Meal is a true innovation in the nutrition game. Going against the grain of a traditional ‘meal replacement’ powder, Animal Meal uses whole food protein sources including pea protein, egg white protein, whole egg protein and beef protein to deliver a dairy free, protein powerhouse. Carbohydrates are the other key macronutrient for those with demanding, active lifestyles and Animal Meal’s whole food approach utilizes the staples of oatmeal, sweet potato and pea starch. Not to be neglected, Animal Meal also utilizes premium fat sources, both from the whole egg protein, but from the unsaturated fat rich olive oil.

Key Benefits

  • Provides 500 quality, lean muscle fueling calories per 3 scoop serving
  • Nourishes the body and fuels growth and recovery with a comprehensive, complete nutrition profile

Made entirely of whole food sources with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

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