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NTel Nutra

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The evolution of NTel Pharma’s popular pre workout Arez now has a new addition to the family in Arez Titanium. Arez Titanium was formulated to deliver super human focus, mind blowing pumps, and a surge of extreme powder and energy. If you’ve tried any other version of Arez, you know NTel doesn’t hold back with formulating a great product.

Comparable to the extreme Arez White, Arez Titanium really packs a punch in the energy and focus department. Extreme and long lasting energy without the jitters or crash will have you crushing your workouts and lifting more weight. The laser focus will have you zoned in on each and every rep to ensure you’re connecting with the muscle on each and every rep to build more muscle.

Arez Titanium will increase blood flow and force blood into the muscle causing it to expand and grow. Those massive pumps will lead to new muscle on those grinder sets shuttling blood into the muscles.

This is not a pre workout for beginners and do not take within hours of going to bed.

Product Highlights:

  • Super human focus
  • Extreme raw power and energy
  • Mind blowing pumps
  • Fantastic flavoring

Ingredient breakdown:

  • Beta Alanine – Improved performance by decreasing lactic acid in the muscle.
  • L-Citrulline – Boosts nitric oxide levels which promotes more blood flow for increased pumps.
  • Juglans Regia Extract (DMHA) - Boost in energy, oxygen uptake, and sharpens focus and alertness while reducing fatigue.
  • Eria Jarensis Extract – PEA alkaloids that have mood elevating benefits and increase in mental focus.
  • Synephrine HCI – Intense stimulant with fat loss properties.
  • Rauwolfla vomitoria – A form of yohimbine. Stimulant that aids in fat loss of those stubborn body fat stores.
  • Choline Bitartrate – Improves cognitive function, alertness, and mental energy.
  • Hordenline HCI – Enhances mental focus to better connect with your muscles

Comparison of AREZ Pre Workouts

  • AREZ Titanium - Comparable to AREZ White from an energy standpoint. Higher doses of Beta Alanine and Citrulline. Uses a different form of DMHA for energy. 2-Amino-5-methylheptane (Juglans Regia) vs 2-Amino-6-methylheptane in AREZ White.
  • AREZ God of the Gym - Powerful pre workout that does not utilize DMHA as a stimulant. Higher amount of Citrulline than both AREZ White and Titanium. Great performance pre workout.
  • AREZ White - Original AREZ formula utilizing DMHA as 2-amino-6-methylheptane. Crazy potent from a stimulant standpoint. Will be discontinued.

Supplement Facts

AREZ Titanium Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Loaded pre workout.

This pre workout is legit great! Had me at the gym for 2.5hrs and no crash. Great pumps and energy.

Great pre!

Overall, this sucker kicks in quick for me and gives me really good focus, along with pretty decent pumps. I take it in a fasted state and I’m ready in 15 mins to workout.

good pre

this is a good preworkout however it takes a while to feel the focus but once you're in the zone its great

Great product when it's made right

Noticed multiple times when ordering I'll get mixed batches or something just way off. But it is awesome when you actually get the right formula.

Tigers Blood

Really enjoyed my first experiance with this brand. Had some good focus and pump was great. I usually buy Alpha Lion for my pre-workout and this stuff measured up to at least as good if not better in my opinion. However, where it falls short is on the flavor as it was a weaker flavor profile then alpha lion's super human, which actually could be a positive for some. I will need more experince to see if this will become my go to though, as I have only had it once so far.